PowerBeats Pro after one month of use

Since 2014 that Apple paid $ 3 billion for Beats by Dr. Dre (turning the rapper into a real billionaire), a product that was worth the purchase had not been seen, but apparently it is finally here.

This is my first post about earphones and those who know me know how I finish them and I buy a new pair every now and then, I always try to find a pair that is suitable for different situations like playing videogames, just go for a run or any other daily activities and getting the best possible audio experience, sometimes I have good findings that last for years, as fiascos that last two months or that just don’t fit (like the Sony WF-1000MX3, which I might leave for a future post), I don’t consider myself an audiophile (fashion term in different blogs on these days) but a common user like you, who appreciates the differences between one product and another.

The PowerBeats Pro were promoted as the completely wireless option of Beats, the evolution of regular PowerBeats that no longer have a cord that joins them. But how did they do it? Well, the truth is very good and I’ll tell you why.

These true wireless (what are called this type of headphones without any cable like the AirPods) were developed with a battery that will give up to 9, yes gentlemen, 9 hours of autonomy without needing to charge them back in their box (which gives 15 hours plus a total of 24 hours). Compared to their competitors of this range, this is very, very far away, among the most commercialized earphones of this type, the ones that are closest to you are the Sony WF-1000xm3 (someone please tells Sony to give us a simpler name please) with 6 hours. Even today with the Airpods Pro they only give a real autonomy of a little more than 5 hours of continuous use, making them almost 50% more independent.

It is not Love at first sight, but it’s a Keeper

Their design at first does not seem very colorful, even they seemed ugly to me, but after using them and seeing them in their commercial with Lebron James I said why not give them a chance. At first it is difficult to use them since he is not something so simple to put them, you must literally hook them in the ears (this makes the headphones never fall off). This, the first week will cause fatigue, but believe me later that feeling disappears and they are really comfortable, it would not cost you to use them until 9 hours of continuous use. Putting them back in the box is not so natural either, you must make sure that the magnetic pins really match the pins inside the case, so that they charge without problem. But after a few days, it is becoming easier and easier to use and store them, in that period of time they become your perfect company (if you carry a bag, you’ll know why later).

The Powerbeats Pro are far from being minimalist, but the truth is that comared to Bose SoundSport, Sony WX-1000MX3 or the same Airpods (which look like the head of a toothbrush) these do not protrude that much from your ears.

You have three buttons, the Beats symbol that allows you to answer / hang up and play / pause by pressing it once, go to the next song with two touches and go back the song with three touches and if you keep it pressed it will activate Siri or Google Assistant on Android, Yes, just like that, they are also compatible with Android devices (and even Windows) and perform just like any iPhone (I used them on my Pixel 4 XL). They also have the volume up and down buttons, these buttons are back to magic because it allows you to use your phone without touching it especially when you are practicing a sport or on public transport. Although it is true that before you could use your assistant (Siri or Google Assistant) to lower the volume there are many situations in which you are not understood by the noisy environment or it is simply not natural to use these assistants in a public environment, how it sometimes happens to me.

These have Bluetooth 5.0 that maintains an uninterrupted connection and the H1 chip that have the same Airpods 2 and the Airpods Pro that allow the functionality of the assistants, the detection being in the ear to play or pause the music if you take any of them off (This can be disabled if you wish). In the case of iPhones you will have the advantages of pairing with the device almost immediately the first time you use them and it displayes the percentage of battery that each earbud and the case has. You can also see these battery percentages on Android by using the Beats application that you can download from the Play Store and it’s easy to pair them.

Audio Experience

Those who have used Beats in the past know the bass in their products is what stands out the most, and this pair is not the exception, honestly if you are into Rap, Hip-Hop, Reggaeton or another genre that simply dominates the bass here you will enjoy them a lot, however in my case I listen more than all Rock and music that is used as soundtrack in movies and series I had to configure the equalizer in my audio application (Spotify) in classic genre and it really adapted quite well to the genres that I listen more frequently and also enjoying the bass. Mids and highs of these earphones are not bad, but not the best, the experience is nice, but I must say that it is not neutral in this aspect. You can solve this by installing an application with which you can equalize the sounds you want to highlight.

What these could have done better

I have highlighted during this post amounts of benefits of these earphones but they have three main problems. First it is case to charge them, it huge and definitely not portable, so if in your daily life you do not carry a bag, I would not recommend buying them. Second is that they use a Lighting cable (those that use the iPhone) and this means carrying an additional cable for me, and no, they have no wireless charging to avoid it, I would prefer that they use a USB Type-C cable like the rest of my devices and that would point to the future of Apple devices (if you did not know it there’s where they ware going, just check the iPad Pro). Third the price, 250 dollars for a pair of earphones is quite a lot, and that is in the United States, surely in Europe they are even more expensive, however I could get them on a “sale” for 200 dollars (better than nothing) and It is a discount that surely returns on Black Friday (future post about this).

Additionally, the cancellation of external noise is not active, but I must say that to make a mediocre feature they preferred not to take risks and the cancellation of noise they provide is passive and believe me that you will be able to immerse yourself in your music to forget about your surroundings, In fact it would have been better to create a transparent mode like the Airpods Pro or the Samsung EarBuds because they could be dangerous by not listening to your surroundings (don’t say I did not warn you).

Another factor to mention is that to be a device for athletes has left water sports behind by only having an IPX4 certification, which basically makes them resistant to sweat and splashing water, not many earphones of this type have a certification that really worth it, but if what you practice is swimming cross fingers for next year(sorry Michael Phelps).


If you have the monetary factor, you use a bag almost every time, you do physical activity or you need a long battery life, they really are a great option in this type of earphones. Definitely if you do not have an iPhone they are totally reliable (you lose the experience a bit, but it is really more visual than functional) I use them with an Android phone and I have no problem.

Now if you are struggling money, I would look for cheaper alternatives that are multiplying every day in the true wireless sector with a decent experience or if yours is absolute portability, choose other option.

Tell me what you think about this post, what headphones you have or which ones you would like me to review.

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