The Mandalorian, Disney's lethal weapon?

The Star Wars universe was acquired in 2012 by Disney announcing a trilogy of the 6 original films that we already knew and later this year will present their final chapter (who knows how long it will take them to announce another three) with The Rise of Skywalker. Additionally Disney has championed its new Disney + streaming platform with The Mandalorian series to attract users interested in the new content that they can find there, beyond the mouse classics, Marvel movies and The Simpsons after the purchase of Fox. This is not the only exclusive title of this new service, but it is the most promising series and the one that has been most publicized.

The show is produced by Jon Favreau today best known for his roles as Happy Hogan in Marvel Universe (the chubby guy in suit that helps Tony Stark and later Spider-Man) who for being a producer, but he seems to have done it 27 times according to IMDB.com and they have brought Pedro Pascal as protagonist of this show who comes from doing important roles in Game Of Thrones (Principe Oberyn Martell) and Narcos (Agent Peña). The cost of production has been 100 million dollars for 8 chapters and although it sounds like a lot of money, compared to last five films budget since Disney took control is half of what was spent on Rogue One which is the one that has been invested the least, they have been “prudent” with the expense and I think they have gone wrong and I will tell you why.

The story begins with a scene of a badass protagonist, right and left fists against several adversaries and coming out well, nothing new here. Then he is offered a job that no one has been able to complete and guess what? He completes it in the face of all adversities by rescuing a baby version of a beloved character from the original franchise, (I think if you have arrived here you probably know who I am talking about, but I prefer not to spoil the party) and from here cliches and more cliches.

Starting with badass character who has a noble heart, who has an impeccable record collecting rewards and of course killing, but he runs in tears with the second cliché of the typical traumas from the past highlighted with several flashbacks and comments, to let nothing to people’s imagination (Disney no longer let us thinks, apparently). He is followed by an annoying character element that follows him even if he says no and that shows himself as a burden, but he reluctantly agrees to follow him (we are talking about one of the toughest beings in the galaxy, he kills groups of people without mercy) and he continues to stumble upon adventures in which has to help more characters and apparently the reward is something secondary in the 4 episodes that have being aires until today.

The truth is the story is not solid enough, there is practically no arch in the story to be able to enjoy a resolution, is not much to be explored with the main role in the first episode and you can figure it out how the story is going to unfold, I really think Pedro Pascal is relieved not to show his face.

Let’s go to the most technical things in the series starting with duration is a bad omen, 30 minutes, really? When a series is not comedy and if it is the series with which you plan to take Netflix off the market, you really are not going seriously if you are going to do a drama in 30 minutes like if there was no budget.

Yes I know he was charged of sexual abuse

The soundtrack is bad, John Williams must give Ludwig Göransson a few lessons to do much better and the special effects (perhaps what you expect most in any Star Wars live action) at most is a 7/10, and this is really low considering who we are talking about. The script is sometimes forced before an almost unsustainable story, which has no explanation in a universe of so many possibilities and the stories of any living bounty hunter must be exciting, the elements that were chosen to develop the story even bringing emblematic characters from the Saga were almost a safe mix, but they have done everything wrong. The only thing I really liked was the drawings of the credits.

John Williams doesn’t like this

The series has a score of 9.1 by users on IMDb and 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. How? I don’t know, honestly, but with these numbers, I think they just signed to do season 2.

Honestly I won’t continue watching it and will you give it a chance? Leave your comments …

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