The Mandalorian, Disney's lethal weapon?

The Star Wars universe was acquired in 2012 by Disney announcing a trilogy of the 6 original films that we already knew and later this year will present their final chapter (who knows how long it will take them to announce another three) with The Rise of Skywalker. Additionally Disney has championed its new Disney + streaming platform with The Mandalorian series to attract users interested in the new content that they can find there, beyond the mouse classics, Marvel movies and The Simpsons after the purchase of Fox. This is not the only exclusive title of this new service, but it is the most promising series and the one that has been most publicized.

The show is produced by Jon Favreau today best known for his roles as Happy Hogan in Marvel Universe (the chubby guy in suit that helps Tony Stark and later Spider-Man) who for being a producer, but he seems to have done it 27 times according to IMDB.com and they have brought Pedro Pascal as protagonist of this show who comes from doing important roles in Game Of Thrones (Principe Oberyn Martell) and Narcos (Agent Peña). The cost of production has been 100 million dollars for 8 chapters and although it sounds like a lot of money, compared to last five films budget since Disney took control is half of what was spent on Rogue One which is the one that has been invested the least, they have been “prudent” with the expense and I think they have gone wrong and I will tell you why.

The story begins with a scene of a badass protagonist, right and left fists against several adversaries and coming out well, nothing new here. Then he is offered a job that no one has been able to complete and guess what? He completes it in the face of all adversities by rescuing a baby version of a beloved character from the original franchise, (I think if you have arrived here you probably know who I am talking about, but I prefer not to spoil the party) and from here cliches and more cliches.

Starting with badass character who has a noble heart, who has an impeccable record collecting rewards and of course killing, but he runs in tears with the second cliché of the typical traumas from the past highlighted with several flashbacks and comments, to let nothing to people’s imagination (Disney no longer let us thinks, apparently). He is followed by an annoying character element that follows him even if he says no and that shows himself as a burden, but he reluctantly agrees to follow him (we are talking about one of the toughest beings in the galaxy, he kills groups of people without mercy) and he continues to stumble upon adventures in which has to help more characters and apparently the reward is something secondary in the 4 episodes that have being aires until today.

The truth is the story is not solid enough, there is practically no arch in the story to be able to enjoy a resolution, is not much to be explored with the main role in the first episode and you can figure it out how the story is going to unfold, I really think Pedro Pascal is relieved not to show his face.

Let’s go to the most technical things in the series starting with duration is a bad omen, 30 minutes, really? When a series is not comedy and if it is the series with which you plan to take Netflix off the market, you really are not going seriously if you are going to do a drama in 30 minutes like if there was no budget.

Yes I know he was charged of sexual abuse

The soundtrack is bad, John Williams must give Ludwig Göransson a few lessons to do much better and the special effects (perhaps what you expect most in any Star Wars live action) at most is a 7/10, and this is really low considering who we are talking about. The script is sometimes forced before an almost unsustainable story, which has no explanation in a universe of so many possibilities and the stories of any living bounty hunter must be exciting, the elements that were chosen to develop the story even bringing emblematic characters from the Saga were almost a safe mix, but they have done everything wrong. The only thing I really liked was the drawings of the credits.

John Williams doesn’t like this

The series has a score of 9.1 by users on IMDb and 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. How? I don’t know, honestly, but with these numbers, I think they just signed to do season 2.

Honestly I won’t continue watching it and will you give it a chance? Leave your comments …


Black Friday a buying guide for this 2019

Get your turkey ready, Thanksgiving and Christmas arehere to celebrate in peace, joy and family. For many it’s the favorite season, for other people it becomes a sad memory of people, pets or situations that are no longer here, while for others it is the headache (or joy) of buying gifts. Well, for those in the last part, this post could be helpful.

Black Friday for those who do not know, originated in 1952 and is the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States. It has not always been known by that name, but it was adopted due to accidents caused by the frenzy of people when trying to get the desired item at a good price, reaching the point of causing today 12 deaths and 117 injured according to blackfridaydeathcount.com.

Take care please …

Given the above, here is my first tip, and it is not to expose yourself to this, better buy online, unless your item really has a great discount and is exclusive in store (the doorboosters), which by 2019 is unlikely not to be online. And not to say that if you go camping the day before, no discount is worth a wound and much less death, you better wait next year.

Cold Head

Now do not get carried away by the “super percentage of discount” shown by the ads from different sites, many times they are articles that display the launch price as a reference and say 50% discount when it can actually be 10% or none. For example, a phone that launches in February at 1000 dollars, by November is not worth that amount, maybe about 700-800 and on Black Friday it is at 600, the real “savings” was about 100 dollars and not the 400 that it will surely show in the ad. In addition, the products with the highest discount are those that surely have not been sold the rest of the year and therefore are already depreciated.

Do not buy in unknown places

My second tip is to buy from a reliable site, at this season new physical and online stores take opportunity to get rid of merchandise that was not sold the rest of the year or other people have returned due to a defect or that they simply do not like, stores take advantage of this date to sell products of poor quality or defects with a great discount and disappoint customers. This is prevented by choosing highly recognized shopping sites such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy or direct website of the product manufacturer you want to buy.

Read the fine print

Many times these products have a different configuration to the product you want, for example a console how the Nintendo Switch is offered in 299 and includes a game, (you save 60 dollars of the game) but most likely it is the first Switch model that doesn’t have a long battery life. Additionally, the WARRANTY of the products of this season tends to offer a lower or even no guarantee, so you should check before buying and avoid any nightmare cause from your purchase.

Keep track and compare prices

I recommend you to make a list of products you want to buy before November and keep track of them and the price changes they have had along a period of time, if you are lazy or late(like this post) today there are applications in your internet browser that can help you verify this such as Honey or Wikibuy that will provide you price history of this item throughout the year. Thus you can avoid being fooled by a “super discount” after the product was increased weeks before just to deceive naive customers and be more attractive.

The Best Quality Products Barely Have Discount

If the product you are looking for is a good item, it means that so far this year it had high demand and without a discount it has sold well, generally these products do not have a discount greater than 15% (disappointment for those who expect a reduced iPhone) However, the most common is to find that they give away accessories of the product and sell it in kits, so you can save a little, but it is not something huge many times (an example of this are some versions of cameras that include instead of one , two lenses).

TVs the biggest scammers

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Who doesn’t want a television over 50 inches for less than $ 200?TVs have been the product with the highest publicity, variety and “discounts” of recent years, but unknown brands appear everywhere or the prices offered are references that are sometimes exclusively created to sell this time of the year with low quality components or lacking ports. This category is one that I would be more careful about and I recommend checking the specific reference of the product you want, or if it is not going to be your main TV, take the risk, but do not turn this season into a big regret due a bad purchase.

My intention is not to demonize the TVs but it is a section to be really meticulous, some do have a real discount and are exclusive to the store so that customers are attracted to accessories that probably won’t have discount and can even be with an inflated price to compensate TVs discount.

Buy or not Refurbished

Nothing like new, is what my mother would say. But my experience confirms the opposite. Buy refurbished I recommend it as long as it is from the manufacturer of the product which provides you with warranty on items, and who better than them to correct the flaw(s) that product had and restore it to optimal condition. Now these products generally have slight signs of use, if this does not bother you it is a great option to save you a great money.

Wait for next year

Evaluate if you really need the product to buy, do not make an accelerated decision just to follow a trend or get carried away by holiday season, if you have not followed up on your product I recommend better wait, especially in technology, products are renewed every year and even less, so be patient, the next year a better one will come out.

Additionally, trend is that many store discounts start in November and will continue later on CyberMonday(monday after black friday), so don’t panic.

Shipments outside the United States

For those who do not live in the country of democracy and freedom (Uncle Sam come to me), keep in mind that they can send the products by reliable couriers and review the policies and taxes they must pay when entering their country of destination , since there may be exceptions or restrictions on the product you are looking to buy, especially if they are very large or very expensive, sometimes it is cheaper to travel to buy them, so check airlines as well.

Good luck this week with your purchases and I hope you have found them useful, comment below what you want to buy.


PowerBeats Pro after one month of use

Since 2014 that Apple paid $ 3 billion for Beats by Dr. Dre (turning the rapper into a real billionaire), a product that was worth the purchase had not been seen, but apparently it is finally here.

This is my first post about earphones and those who know me know how I finish them and I buy a new pair every now and then, I always try to find a pair that is suitable for different situations like playing videogames, just go for a run or any other daily activities and getting the best possible audio experience, sometimes I have good findings that last for years, as fiascos that last two months or that just don’t fit (like the Sony WF-1000MX3, which I might leave for a future post), I don’t consider myself an audiophile (fashion term in different blogs on these days) but a common user like you, who appreciates the differences between one product and another.

The PowerBeats Pro were promoted as the completely wireless option of Beats, the evolution of regular PowerBeats that no longer have a cord that joins them. But how did they do it? Well, the truth is very good and I’ll tell you why.

These true wireless (what are called this type of headphones without any cable like the AirPods) were developed with a battery that will give up to 9, yes gentlemen, 9 hours of autonomy without needing to charge them back in their box (which gives 15 hours plus a total of 24 hours). Compared to their competitors of this range, this is very, very far away, among the most commercialized earphones of this type, the ones that are closest to you are the Sony WF-1000xm3 (someone please tells Sony to give us a simpler name please) with 6 hours. Even today with the Airpods Pro they only give a real autonomy of a little more than 5 hours of continuous use, making them almost 50% more independent.

It is not Love at first sight, but it’s a Keeper

Their design at first does not seem very colorful, even they seemed ugly to me, but after using them and seeing them in their commercial with Lebron James I said why not give them a chance. At first it is difficult to use them since he is not something so simple to put them, you must literally hook them in the ears (this makes the headphones never fall off). This, the first week will cause fatigue, but believe me later that feeling disappears and they are really comfortable, it would not cost you to use them until 9 hours of continuous use. Putting them back in the box is not so natural either, you must make sure that the magnetic pins really match the pins inside the case, so that they charge without problem. But after a few days, it is becoming easier and easier to use and store them, in that period of time they become your perfect company (if you carry a bag, you’ll know why later).

The Powerbeats Pro are far from being minimalist, but the truth is that comared to Bose SoundSport, Sony WX-1000MX3 or the same Airpods (which look like the head of a toothbrush) these do not protrude that much from your ears.

You have three buttons, the Beats symbol that allows you to answer / hang up and play / pause by pressing it once, go to the next song with two touches and go back the song with three touches and if you keep it pressed it will activate Siri or Google Assistant on Android, Yes, just like that, they are also compatible with Android devices (and even Windows) and perform just like any iPhone (I used them on my Pixel 4 XL). They also have the volume up and down buttons, these buttons are back to magic because it allows you to use your phone without touching it especially when you are practicing a sport or on public transport. Although it is true that before you could use your assistant (Siri or Google Assistant) to lower the volume there are many situations in which you are not understood by the noisy environment or it is simply not natural to use these assistants in a public environment, how it sometimes happens to me.

These have Bluetooth 5.0 that maintains an uninterrupted connection and the H1 chip that have the same Airpods 2 and the Airpods Pro that allow the functionality of the assistants, the detection being in the ear to play or pause the music if you take any of them off (This can be disabled if you wish). In the case of iPhones you will have the advantages of pairing with the device almost immediately the first time you use them and it displayes the percentage of battery that each earbud and the case has. You can also see these battery percentages on Android by using the Beats application that you can download from the Play Store and it’s easy to pair them.

Audio Experience

Those who have used Beats in the past know the bass in their products is what stands out the most, and this pair is not the exception, honestly if you are into Rap, Hip-Hop, Reggaeton or another genre that simply dominates the bass here you will enjoy them a lot, however in my case I listen more than all Rock and music that is used as soundtrack in movies and series I had to configure the equalizer in my audio application (Spotify) in classic genre and it really adapted quite well to the genres that I listen more frequently and also enjoying the bass. Mids and highs of these earphones are not bad, but not the best, the experience is nice, but I must say that it is not neutral in this aspect. You can solve this by installing an application with which you can equalize the sounds you want to highlight.

What these could have done better

I have highlighted during this post amounts of benefits of these earphones but they have three main problems. First it is case to charge them, it huge and definitely not portable, so if in your daily life you do not carry a bag, I would not recommend buying them. Second is that they use a Lighting cable (those that use the iPhone) and this means carrying an additional cable for me, and no, they have no wireless charging to avoid it, I would prefer that they use a USB Type-C cable like the rest of my devices and that would point to the future of Apple devices (if you did not know it there’s where they ware going, just check the iPad Pro). Third the price, 250 dollars for a pair of earphones is quite a lot, and that is in the United States, surely in Europe they are even more expensive, however I could get them on a “sale” for 200 dollars (better than nothing) and It is a discount that surely returns on Black Friday (future post about this).

Additionally, the cancellation of external noise is not active, but I must say that to make a mediocre feature they preferred not to take risks and the cancellation of noise they provide is passive and believe me that you will be able to immerse yourself in your music to forget about your surroundings, In fact it would have been better to create a transparent mode like the Airpods Pro or the Samsung EarBuds because they could be dangerous by not listening to your surroundings (don’t say I did not warn you).

Another factor to mention is that to be a device for athletes has left water sports behind by only having an IPX4 certification, which basically makes them resistant to sweat and splashing water, not many earphones of this type have a certification that really worth it, but if what you practice is swimming cross fingers for next year(sorry Michael Phelps).


If you have the monetary factor, you use a bag almost every time, you do physical activity or you need a long battery life, they really are a great option in this type of earphones. Definitely if you do not have an iPhone they are totally reliable (you lose the experience a bit, but it is really more visual than functional) I use them with an Android phone and I have no problem.

Now if you are struggling money, I would look for cheaper alternatives that are multiplying every day in the true wireless sector with a decent experience or if yours is absolute portability, choose other option.

Tell me what you think about this post, what headphones you have or which ones you would like me to review.