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  • The Mandalorian, Disney's lethal weapon?
    The Star Wars universe was acquired in 2012 by Disney announcing a trilogy of the 6 original films that we already knew and later this year will present their final chapter (who knows how long it will take them to announce another three) with The Rise of Skywalker. Additionally Disney has championed its new Disney … Read more
  • Black Friday a buying guide for this 2019
    Get your turkey ready, Thanksgiving and Christmas arehere to celebrate in peace, joy and family. For many it's the favorite season, for other people it becomes a sad memory of people, pets or situations that are no longer here, while for others it is the headache (or joy) of buying gifts. Well, for those in … Read more
  • PowerBeats Pro after one month of use
    Since 2014 that Apple paid $ 3 billion for Beats by Dr. Dre (turning the rapper into a real billionaire), a product that was worth the purchase had not been seen, but apparently it is finally here. This is my first post about earphones and those who know me know how I finish them and … Read more

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