Black Friday a buying guide for this 2019

Get your turkey ready, Thanksgiving and Christmas arehere to celebrate in peace, joy and family. For many it’s the favorite season, for other people it becomes a sad memory of people, pets or situations that are no longer here, while for others it is the headache (or joy) of buying gifts. Well, for those in the last part, this post could be helpful.

Black Friday for those who do not know, originated in 1952 and is the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States. It has not always been known by that name, but it was adopted due to accidents caused by the frenzy of people when trying to get the desired item at a good price, reaching the point of causing today 12 deaths and 117 injured according to blackfridaydeathcount.com.

Take care please …

Given the above, here is my first tip, and it is not to expose yourself to this, better buy online, unless your item really has a great discount and is exclusive in store (the doorboosters), which by 2019 is unlikely not to be online. And not to say that if you go camping the day before, no discount is worth a wound and much less death, you better wait next year.

Cold Head

Now do not get carried away by the “super percentage of discount” shown by the ads from different sites, many times they are articles that display the launch price as a reference and say 50% discount when it can actually be 10% or none. For example, a phone that launches in February at 1000 dollars, by November is not worth that amount, maybe about 700-800 and on Black Friday it is at 600, the real “savings” was about 100 dollars and not the 400 that it will surely show in the ad. In addition, the products with the highest discount are those that surely have not been sold the rest of the year and therefore are already depreciated.

Do not buy in unknown places

My second tip is to buy from a reliable site, at this season new physical and online stores take opportunity to get rid of merchandise that was not sold the rest of the year or other people have returned due to a defect or that they simply do not like, stores take advantage of this date to sell products of poor quality or defects with a great discount and disappoint customers. This is prevented by choosing highly recognized shopping sites such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy or direct website of the product manufacturer you want to buy.

Read the fine print

Many times these products have a different configuration to the product you want, for example a console how the Nintendo Switch is offered in 299 and includes a game, (you save 60 dollars of the game) but most likely it is the first Switch model that doesn’t have a long battery life. Additionally, the WARRANTY of the products of this season tends to offer a lower or even no guarantee, so you should check before buying and avoid any nightmare cause from your purchase.

Keep track and compare prices

I recommend you to make a list of products you want to buy before November and keep track of them and the price changes they have had along a period of time, if you are lazy or late(like this post) today there are applications in your internet browser that can help you verify this such as Honey or Wikibuy that will provide you price history of this item throughout the year. Thus you can avoid being fooled by a “super discount” after the product was increased weeks before just to deceive naive customers and be more attractive.

The Best Quality Products Barely Have Discount

If the product you are looking for is a good item, it means that so far this year it had high demand and without a discount it has sold well, generally these products do not have a discount greater than 15% (disappointment for those who expect a reduced iPhone) However, the most common is to find that they give away accessories of the product and sell it in kits, so you can save a little, but it is not something huge many times (an example of this are some versions of cameras that include instead of one , two lenses).

TVs the biggest scammers

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Who doesn’t want a television over 50 inches for less than $ 200?TVs have been the product with the highest publicity, variety and “discounts” of recent years, but unknown brands appear everywhere or the prices offered are references that are sometimes exclusively created to sell this time of the year with low quality components or lacking ports. This category is one that I would be more careful about and I recommend checking the specific reference of the product you want, or if it is not going to be your main TV, take the risk, but do not turn this season into a big regret due a bad purchase.

My intention is not to demonize the TVs but it is a section to be really meticulous, some do have a real discount and are exclusive to the store so that customers are attracted to accessories that probably won’t have discount and can even be with an inflated price to compensate TVs discount.

Buy or not Refurbished

Nothing like new, is what my mother would say. But my experience confirms the opposite. Buy refurbished I recommend it as long as it is from the manufacturer of the product which provides you with warranty on items, and who better than them to correct the flaw(s) that product had and restore it to optimal condition. Now these products generally have slight signs of use, if this does not bother you it is a great option to save you a great money.

Wait for next year

Evaluate if you really need the product to buy, do not make an accelerated decision just to follow a trend or get carried away by holiday season, if you have not followed up on your product I recommend better wait, especially in technology, products are renewed every year and even less, so be patient, the next year a better one will come out.

Additionally, trend is that many store discounts start in November and will continue later on CyberMonday(monday after black friday), so don’t panic.

Shipments outside the United States

For those who do not live in the country of democracy and freedom (Uncle Sam come to me), keep in mind that they can send the products by reliable couriers and review the policies and taxes they must pay when entering their country of destination , since there may be exceptions or restrictions on the product you are looking to buy, especially if they are very large or very expensive, sometimes it is cheaper to travel to buy them, so check airlines as well.

Good luck this week with your purchases and I hope you have found them useful, comment below what you want to buy.